Step 1: Welcome to U.S.A

Welcome to U.S.A

My Trip – Port of Entry(POE)
Flight Details: Bangkok – Hongkong – Dallas, Texas – Oklahoma
Flight Date and Time: April 4,2015 6:40 AM (25 hr 10 mins)
Fair: $1,025 (one way) booked in Orbitz
Airlines: Cathay pacific and American Airlines
Baggage: Two (2) Check-in luggage (50 lb each), one (1) sling bag and one (1) laptop

At Port of Entry – Dallas, Texas

From Hongkong, after 15 hr and 30 min we landed safely in Dallas- Forth Worth Airport around 3:55 pm. Carrying with me my k-1 visa packet,passport and filled up Custom form. I went to Non- US Citizen Window, greeted the officer and handed him my k-1 visa packet. The officer checked and opened the k-1 visa packet. He seems nice and threw joke on me on getting married. Then, he ordered me to follow him as he refer me to another officer. The officer told me to take a sit for a while and she will just call my name. After 15 min, the officer called my name, she instructed me for finger prints and taking photo. She then stamped my passport and she reminded me to get married before the date on the entry stamp. That’s all!

Next, I went directly to Baggage Claim area to get my luggage. Then went to US Custom security check. US citizen and Non-US citizen have different lines. It was a busy day so it took me an hour before I was able to pass through US Custom.(Security are very strick!) While on my way looking for the next gate on my next flight I saw a baggage check -in center for my flight. I turned over my bag and went to boarding gate. Thanks God i made it to my next last flight, Oklahoma!
What to do next after arriving in the U.S with k-1 Visa?

What to do next after arriving in the U.S with k-1 Visa?

Step 1. Apply for Social Security Number (SSN)

On my experience, it’s way better to apply for SSN before getting married. Why? SSN is very useful and usually ask when you applied for insurance and open bank account or joint account with your husband or other social security benefits and government services. If you wish also to get a state ID, some state ask for SSN. If you wish to get an SSN card after marriage, you have to wait for your EAD card to be able to apply for it. Anyway, it’s all up to you. If you wish to get an SSN card before marriage – they will give a SSN with your single name and just go back to SSN office to change it into married name once you have you marriage certificate. Below is a guide step for obtaining SSN.

1. Gather the Requirements:

Birth Certificate (original) – as evidence of age
Form I-94(Arrival/Departure Record) or I-766 Employment Authorization Document, (EAD, work permit) from DHS
Marriage Certificate(For proof of legal Change name

SS-5 Application Form

2. Find the nearest SSA office in your area – click here!

– Just type in your ZIP code to find the nearest SSA office in your area.

3. Applying for SSN

– You can apply personally or mail your application. If you wish to apply personally, just bring the required documents to SSA office.
– Take a queue number from automated machine
– Take a seat and wait for your number to be called
– Check your name – after a few minute the lady will give you a piece of paper to verify the name that will appear on your SSN Card
– Receipt – the officer will give you a receipt of the application and you will take an oath to swore that the given information are true.

4. Social Security Card

– Just wait within 2weeks and the card will be mailed to your address after application
– Call them if you haven’t receive your card after 2 weeks

I-94 Form
I-94 Form

SSN Application Receipt
SSN Application Receipt

Step 2. Apply for Marriage Certificate/License

This is the most important thing, get married before your 90 days of entering the U.S on k-1 visa. See the date on your entry stamp for your 90 days. Just bring your passport with you. Fee ranges from $10-$50 depending on your county or state. In Oklahoma, we applied our marriage license in Department of Public Safety and we paid $50. The lady staff who entertained us give us a piece of paper the name we want to appear in our marriage license. It’s all up to you if you want to carry your fiancee’s last name or not.

Step 3. Get Married (Congratulations to the NewlyWed!)

I do not have any idea what to do with my wedding. My fiancee doesn’t have a family and he live alone for more 10yrs already. So on the day of our marriage only us,the pastor and his bestfriend and the wife. Our marriage is so simple yet so memorable for us as we are officially legit and one in God’s love. The ceremony took place in the pastor house and reception at his bestfriend’s house. Simple yet happy!

Step 4. Change name on SSN

Go back to SSA office and bring the following:
– Marriage Certificate and SSN Card
– Fill up another SS-5 Application Form
– Passport
Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record)
(Note: Make sure your I-94 not expired or else you need to wait your EAD to change it to your married name)

SSN with my Single Name
SSN with my Single Name

SSN with my Married Name
SSN with my Married Name

Step 5. Complete I-693 but not necessary

“If you are a K-1, K-2, K-3 or K-4 visa holder the I-693 instructions state that you are not required to have another medical examination as long as your Form I-485 is filed within one year of your overseas medical examination. If you are missing any shots from your overseas medical a I-693 vaccination transcription is required to be completed by seeing a Civil Surgeon to have certain portions of the I-693 completed and have the Civil Surgeon certify the form (sealing the original in an envelope and giving you a copy” – from

“All the pregnant applicant who did not received any vaccines from the their country need to seek Civil Surgeon for updated med exam so that USCIS will be notified.” – from K1/k2 Adjustment of Status FB group.

Click Civil Surgeon Locator to find a doctor in your area/state. In my experience,I didn’t fill-up a form I-693 in my AOS application and i just submit a copy of my vaccination record. My case is still pending I do not recommend this action. It’s up to you and i just take a risk on my own AOS application.