Step 3: Biometrics Appointment

After filing the I-485 application for Adjustment of Status, next is the Biometrics appointment. From the date of filing expect a mail of your biometrics appointment in 2-5 weeks(case to case basis). The biometric appointment is simply one step for your green card application and I-765(EAD) application for fingerprints,photographs and signature electronically.

Bring the following requirements for Biometrics:
✔ Biometrics Appointment Letter
✔ Passport
✔ Marriage Certificate

The following are NOT PERMITTED inside ASC building:
✘ Cell phones
✘ Camera
✘ Other recording/electronic devices

My Biometrics experience

June 16, 2015
Appointment time: 11:00 AM
On the day of my appointment, we went to USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) and we arrived around 15 minutes before my appointment time. We wait for a while before the guard let us in. The security wont let you in until your appointment time so don’t go too early but also don’t be late. At exact 11:00 Am, the guard let us in. Upon entering they ask for our I.D (me-passport and my hubby – driver’s license) and we pass thru scanner for security purposes.

Then, the security told us to wait in the lobby for a while before going to the biometrics room. After a while, the security gave us a signal to proceed at the biometrics room. We followed the lines and waited for our turn. The lady ask for my appointment letter and marriage certificate. Then, she gave back my appointment letter and passport together with a form to be filled up and instructed us to return after we complete the information in the form.

Form Information (credits to
✎ Married Name
✎ Alias Name or Other Name Used (ex.maiden name)
✎ Alien Number
✎ Receipt or Application Number of I-485 and I-765
✎ Height (ft,cm)
✎ Weight (lbs)
✎ Birth date
✎ Sex: F or M
✎ Ethnicity – Asian
✎ Color of the hair
✎ Color of the eyes
✎ Country of Citizenship

After we complete the form we hand it back and she gave us a queue number and wait for our turn. Overall, they got my fingerprint, take photo of me and sign my name electronically. At the end, they stamped my appointment letter confirming that I attended my biometrics appointment. That’s all and so far that’s all i can remember!

Accordingly (by, “the Fingerprints will be sent on for review by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which will check them against records held by the police as well as by USCIS (which often takes the fingerprints of people caught crossing the border illegally). The FBI will send a report to USCIS to confirm your identity and to show whether you have committed any crimes or immigration violations that might make you inadmissible, deportable, or otherwise ineligible for the benefit that you seek.”