Step 2: National Visa Center (NVC)

National Visa Center (NVC)

Once USCIS approves the petition, it is sent to the National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC will assign a case number and send the petition to U.S. Embassy Consulate where your foreign fiancee wants to process his/her visa application. The Case number consist of 3letters and 10 digit numbers.
Two (2) things you need to do in this stage:
1. Calling the National Visa Center(NVC)

Two weeks after you receive the NOA2 you can contact the NVC(✆ 603 334-0700) to see if they have received your approved I-129F.Just be patient when calling them and make several attempts to get into their line. Better call them like Monday or friday. Also expect to get hold like 40mins-55mins before you will be able to talk with a call agent representative. Best time to call is between 8am and 10 am or between 9 pm and midnight.

This will be the last part your fiancee, the USC petitioner, will do. Once you get your Case Number, it’s now your turn for the continuation of the application of K-1 Visa.

NVC Contact Information
(603) 334- 07000
Live Assistance from 7:30 am to 12:30 am (EST), Monday thru Friday

Info’s to prepare before calling:
✍ Name and date of birth of the beneficiary
✍ Name and date of birth of the petitioner
✍ Receipt number

From the day of your NOA2 expect 2-4 weeks, you will received a letter from the NVC stating that they forwarded the approved I-129F petition to U.S Embassy or Consulate. We just got lucky because we received our letter few days from the day we called.
Track your Case Status on the CEAC website

NVC Letter
NVC Letter

2. The US Citizen fiancee must send the following documents below to his/her foreign fiancee:

These documents are useful for the foreign fiancee in her application process. Also, these documents might be required for the foreign fiancee to bring during the interview. That is why he/she must familiarize with the details about his/her USC fiancee.

❏ Entire copy of I-129F Package and RFE (if you received one)
❏ Original Letter of Intent(sign and dated)
❏ Copy of Divorce Decree(If applicable)
❏ Birth Certificate copy
❏ Proof of legal Name Change(If applicable)
❏ Passport Biopage (signed)
❏ I-134 Affidavit of Support
✔ Form 1040A ITR(latest)
✔ Previous W-2 Withholding Tax Statement
✔ Bank Statement
✔ Employment letter
✔ Recent Pay stubs
✉ The petitioner’s income must meet 125% of the Poverty Guidelines for immigrant visa applicants.
❏ Copy of NOA1 and NOA2
❏ NVC letter (If applicable)
❏ Memorandum statement of genuine relationship

Track your Package by: FedEx , DHL or USPS

Any of the three are trusted courier. We used FedEx express mail and it only takes 3 working days, from Oklahoma, U.S.A to Suphan Buri, Thailand