Step 3: The Packet 3 Instruction

What is Packet 3 instruction?

The Packet 3 instruction is the first step for the foreign fiancee to begin with the k-1 visa application after the I-129F petition approval.

Once the U.S embassy or Consulate receives the case from NVC, they will contact the applicant by sending a mail of the packet 3 instruction. The applicant or foreign fiancee will receive a letter informing him/her that he/she can begin the process of fiancee visa case. Enclosed with the letter are the packet 3 instruction link and a copy of approved Form I-129F.

Notification letter from U.S Embassy
Notification letter from U.S Embassy

How to begin with the Packet 3 Instruction?

There are several things you must do in this step:
1. Visit the Bangkok U.S Embassy webpage for a step by step guide on the application process and download the Packet 3 Instruction.

(Direct link for Packet 3 for full instruction)

2. Make a summary of the Packet 3 requirements

Below is our summary of the requirements applicable to our application:

Packet 3 Checklist

❏ Passport copy
❏ Birth Certificate copy
❏ Court order copy (if name changed)
❏ Adoption Certificate copy(If applicable)
❏ Marriage Certificate copy (previous marriage) and Divorce decree (If applicable)
❏ Official Grant Custody for Minor children copy (for k1 with k2)
❏ Immigration Record copy( If you have been filed and denied admitssion to the U.S before)
❏ DS-2001(original)(Print here)
Form DS-160:Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application
❏ Photographs: 2×2 (2 pieces)
❏ Original Payment Receipt(include CGI pay Instruction Sheet and Bay bank Deposit Slip)
❏ I-134 Affidavit of Support
✔ Form 1040A ITR(latest)
✔ Previous W-2 Withholding Tax Statement
✔ Bank Statement
✔ Employment letter
✔ Recent Pay stubs
✉ The petitioner’s income must meet 125% of the Poverty Guidelines for immigrant visa applicants.
❏ Police Record (Thai Police Clearance Certificate)
❏ Foreign Police Records or NBI
❏ Court and Prison Records (if applicable)
❏ Military Records (if applicable)

3. Start gathering all the supporting documents

For Foreign Fiancee:
➯ Birth Certificate and Court Order Copy(if name Changed)
➯ CENOMAR or Previous Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decree
➯ NBI Clearance
➯ Police Clearance
➯ Photos: 2 x 2 (2pieces)
➯ Biopage Passport Copy

For U.S Citizen Fiancee:
➯ Birth Certificate and Court Order Copy(if name Changed)
➯ Biopage Passport Copy(Signed)
➯ Previous Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decree9if applicable)
➯ Form 1040A ITR(latest copy)
➯ W-2 Withholding Tax Statement
➯ Recent Pay stubs
➯ Employment Letter(if applicable)
➯ Bank Statement(if applicable)

Thai Police Clearance Requirements
(Click Thai Police Clearance for full instruction)

❏ Original Passport with one photocopy(signed)
❏ Work permit with one photocopy(signed)
❏ Notice from the U.S Embassy (Ex. NVC Letter or NOA2)
❏ U.S Petitioner Passport Biopage (signed)


4. Fill up Forms

➯ DS-2001: Notification of Applicant Readiness
DS-160:Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application
DS-160 Guide

5. Sign up in UStravedocs website

What to do next?
❶ Create a profile and register your mailing address
❷ Print out the CGI Pay Instruction Sheet and Bay Bank Deposit Slip

CGI Pay Instruction Sheet
CGI Pay Instruction Sheet

Bay Bank Deposit Slip
Bay Bank Deposit Slip

6. Pay the Visa Fee(USD 265)

Payment options:
❶ Cash Deposit Instructions FOR BAY BANK ONLY
❷ Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Instructions

Over the counter payment
➠I prefer the old school method, so I personally went to Bank of Ayudhya. The visa cost $265 and the exchange rate varies in Baht.
Bring the following:
❶ The CGI Pay Instruction Sheet and Bay Bank Deposit Slip
❷ Passport and Work Permit(if in case)
✉ After receiving your payment, the cashier will give you a back the bottom half of your Bay Bank deposit slip stamped confirming payment. Save your slip as proof of payment, it cannot be replaced if it is lost. You will not be able to schedule an appointment without your deposit slip.

What to do after you pay the Visa?
❶ Login back to your account in UStravedocs website ,the next business day after 12:00 verify your payment. You will need to enter the Virtual Account number
❷ Printout the Confirmation of GLOBAL SUPPORT STRATEGY(GSS) Registration
➯ You have to confirm the payment by using the virtual account number. Once done, print out the GSS registration.


7. Send back the Packet 3 Document

Once you completely gathered all the necessary requirements in Packet 3 instruction then send it to U.S Embassy or Consulate.

Mailing and Contact Information
U.S. Embassy Bangkok
Consular Section, Immigrant Visa Unit
120-122 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330

Important Reminder!
✉ Make a duplicate copy of all the forms/documents in your Packet 3.
✉ For the forms/documents that need to be submitted in original, make sure to have a COPY of it.
✉ Arrange the documents based on the Packet 3 Instruction Checklist order
✉ I sent my document thru EMS Thailand Post

Track your document: — EMS Thailand Post

My Packet 3 Document
My Packet 3 Document