Step 4: Packet 4 Appointment Packet

Packet 4 Appointment Packet

Once the Packet 3 documents are received and the case is determined to be documentarily ready, the IV unit(U.S Embassy or Consulate) will schedule the applicant’s immigrant visa interview. The applicant will be informed via email through the Packet 4 Appointment Packet which provides further guidance on additional required documents including the medical examination.

I received an email of my interview date 3 days from the day I sent my Packet 3 document.

What to do next before interview appointment?
❶ Set an appointment for Medical Examination
❷ Download the Packet 4 Appointment

Medical Requirements
Download the Full Instruction here!
❏ Valid passport
❏ Three(1 x 1 1/2) Photos
❏ Vaccination Record(If available)
❏ Information concerning medical history (If applicable)

Instruction for Medical Examination
As part of your application for a visa to enter United States, you are required to undergo a medical examination prior to you interview date. The following physicians have received authorization from this Embassy to conduct official medical examinations visa applicants. Medical examinations from any other physician are not acceptable for visa application purposes.

How to set a medical appointment?

➤ Set an appointment to any of this three (3) recognized hospital by U.S Embassy via phone call.
➤ Note: prepare your pen and note pad before making a call to record the date of appointment and appointment number. They will not give you a medical appointment unless you dont have an interview date yet. The hospital will make sure that your medical examination will still be valid until the date of your interview. When I make an appointment I make an appointment to a physician of my choice.

Bangkok Area

Bangkok Nursing Hospital
Address: 9/1 Convent Road, Silom, Bangkok
Tel. (09) 686-2700

Dr. Kessanee Oralsatheirakul
Dr. Jittima Thamarpirat

(Note: Vaccination fee not included)
Adults – 2,850 Baht
Children(under 15) – 2,750 Baht

Bangkok Nursing Hospital
Bangkok Nursing Hospital

Bumrungrad Hospital
Address: 33 Sukhumvit Soi 3(Soi Nana Nua), Bangkok
Tel. (02) 667-1000

Dr. Watcharaphong SaeChere
Dr. Prapaporn Phimphilai
Dr. Wiwat Wongsirisak
Dr. Yaowarat Wajanaponsan

(Note: Vaccination fee not included)
Adults – 2,755 Baht
Children(under 15) – 2,478 Baht

Bumrungrad Hospital
Bumrungrad Hospital

Chiang Mai Area

McCormick Hospital
Address: 133 Kaewnavarat Road, Chiang Mai
Tel. (053) 921-777

Dr. Uthai Jesadaporn
Dr. Arida Chandacham
Dr. Prasit Iamsure

(Note: Vaccination fee not included)
Adults – 2,000 Baht
Children(under 15) – 1,500 Baht