Obtaining State ID – Oklahoma State

When you get to U.S, for k-1 visa holder it is better to get a state ID so you wont have to bring your passport with you every time you go out. The state ID will serve as your proof of legal presence in United states and while don’t have a drivers license yet. You can apply for a state ID before your 90 days or when you get your combo card, it’s all up to you. In my case, I applied for my state ID before my 90 days expires. The disadvantages are; the name that appears on my card is the same name on my passport/I-94 not my married name and the card is valid until my 90day expiration. So the officer told me that I can change it into my married name once I have an EAD or green card.

Visit Department of Public Safety for full instruction.


Step 1. Gather the following documents below:

Marriage Certificate(original or certified true copy)
Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Health Insurance Card

Step 2. Set an Appointment (optional)

You can now set your appointment online thru INLine Online Application, available to the following locations below.

Oklahoma City 728 East I-240 Service Road
Edmond 28 East Main
Norman 430 N Berry Rd
TUlsa Eastgate 14002 E. 21st St Suite A
TUlsa West 14002 E. 21st St Suite A
TUlsa Eastgate 3190 W. 21st St S.
Broken Arrow 1635 S. Main

Step 3. Go to Department of Public Safety office.

If you’ve made a n appointment thru INLINE ONLINE make sure to arrive 15mins before your appointment time and proceed to the window marked INLINE ONLINE. For those who have not any appointments, get a queue number and wait for your number to be called. When it’s your turn, state your purpose and hand your documents. The officer will input your information to the database and get your finger prints and take you a photo. Then he/she will hand you a sheet of paper with your information (make sure to check you name spelling) and you sign it. Then the officer will instruct you to go any tag agency to get you state ID Card.

Step 4. Proceed to Tag Agency.

From the DPH office, bring the sheet of paper the officer gave you and proceed to any of the Tag Agency near your place. In the piece of paper, there are documents listed to be presented to the tag agency before you can get your State ID. The state ID fee is $20, you can pay using card or cash. Below are the documents I brought with me to the Tag Agency:

a. The sheet of paper from the DPH
b. Passport
c. Copy of I-94
d. $20 fee
e. Marriage Certificate(optional)

Renewal State ID – Oklahoma State

Once you got your EAD or Combo card, you can now renew your state ID. The same process when you first applied your state ID. Just bring the same documents and your combo card. Don’t worry if you I-94 is expired just bring it with you.

Step 1. Make an appointment thru INLINE ONLINE

Step 2. Go to Department of Public Safety

Bring the following documents below:

1. Passport
2. EAD card or Combo Card
3. Old State ID Card
4. Marriage Certificate(optional)

Step 3. Tag Agency

Bring the following documents below:

1.The sheet of paper from DHP
2. Passport
3. Copy of I-94
4. Old State ID Card
5. $20 fee