Report of Marriage via Mail

Reporting of Marriage to the Philippine embassy is one of the requirement for all Filipinos overseas whose marriage took place abroad, whether to a fellow Filipino or foreign spouse. There is no deadline for ROM, but reporting it within 12 months after solemnization of marriage is better and is advice by the embassy. Additional requirement such as Notarized Affidavit of Delayed Registration if marriage is reported late. This is very important in order for your marriage here in the U.S to be registered to the Civil Registrar of the Philippines thru Philippine embassy. This is also a pre-requisite requirement for renewing your passport using married name and if plan to become a dual citizen in the future.

You may file the ROM with the Philippine Embassy/Consulate having the jurisdiction where your marriage took place. For example, if it happened that you live now in Texas but your marriage took place in Oklahoma then you must report it to the Philippine Consulate General In Chicago wherein Oklahoma is one of the consular jurisdiction.Click here to find where your state belong – Phil. Embassy Jurisdiction Finder

ROM Requirements – Philippine Consulate General Chicago

1. Cover Letter – click here for sample pdf file
2. Two (2) original and three (3) photocopies of Notarized ROM Form
3. One (1) original/certified true copy of Marriage Certificate
4. Four (4) Photocopies of Marriage Certificate
5. Four (4) Photocopies of Birth Certificate (Filipino Spouse)
6. Four (4) Photocopies of Passport Biopage (Filipino Spouse)
7. Four (4) Photocopies of Passport Biopage (U.S Citizen Spouse)
8. For widowed applicant or spouse – four (4) photocopies of the deceased spouse’s Death Certificate – (If applicable)
9. For annulled/divorced marriages – four (4) photocopies of annotated Marriage Contract or Certificate of Registration and certified true copy of Court Order – (If applicable)
10. For applicants with divorced spouse – four (4) photocopies of divorce decree (If the spouse is former Filipino citizen, please submit four photocopies of naturalization paper as proof that the spouse was a US citizen at the time of divorce)- (If applicable)
11. Notarized Affidavit of Delayed Registration (marriage must be reported to the Consulate 12 months after the solemnization of marriage) – two (2) originals and two (2) photocopies
12. Application Fee: $25.00 (Money order or cashiers check payable to Philipine Consulate General)
13. Prepaid return envelope with stamps

Download the Summary of Report of Marriage Requirements for other Consulate:

Click here > ROM-Requirements

Notes and Tips:

*I didn’t use money order or cashiers check for the processing fee. I just clip the $25.00 bill in my cover letter and it was ok but not secure and not advisable.

*Make sure that your self-addressed envelop is with stamp. Just like what happened to me, my self-addressed envelope doesn’t have any stamp on it, so when i called to follow in the embassy they advise me to send another envelope with stamp for them to mail back the approved ROM form.

*Additional tips when filing ROM via mail, don’t send your original marriage certificate, certified true copy is acceptable. The embassy will not be responsible in case of loss.

*For notarizing the ROM forms, inquire in your bank, they do it free.

*You can request for the NSO Certified copy of Marriage certificate 3 – 4 months from the date of your ROM approved.